Jacqui sent me a link to this movie this morning. It's a very cool recording created by Mark Johnson founder of Playing for Change I love how in this next movie a man describes his music in such a spiritual way, he says ... "According to our philosophy music has been a great power. Power to bring peace and to get enlightenment. Because it is a sort of meditation... Because you need a lot of dedication in order to bring the music a great art... When there is a great art, there is always heaven. That is why we believe through music, if you practice a lot, you meditate on it, you feel nothing To View More >>

Hat tip to Perry Belcher, I found this on his blog on a post called "Sneaky Little Brain Tricks". Simply mind blowing. Thanks Perry. Technorati Profile To View More >>

I received this tweet a couple of days ago in responce to a tweet I wrote about Geek Bait. I must say it made my heart race momentarilly ... Was I being a Dork, I like being a Geek but am I a Nerd? OMG Who am I? So lets start by saying I am a Geek ... no question about that, but I don't think I am a nerd. Since then it's been the topic of some office discussion ... I work in an office surrounded by software developers so there have been a few varying thoughts on the topic. Anyway, as any good Geek would do I went to Google ... Ok that's not true, I went to WolframAlpha but when their definition To View More >>

'Wake Up Cat' is by an English animator called Simon Tofield and it is actually called 'Cat Man Do'. He works for an animation company called Tandem Films. I think Simon must have met our cat Sabby as this is what we go through every morning with him ... To View More >>

Ok we all know that it doesn't mater what industry you are in, or how you spend your time. It is those people that have the best creative spirit that seem to do so well, and have the most fun. This video shows how the best creative juice is made ... enjoy :-) To View More >>