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Everything is a Remix Part 3 from Kirby Ferguson on Vimeo . To View More >>

Early last year I had three things on my mind. I was researching the possible use of Amazon AWS for a project we were working on; I was watching the events at the Auckland Startup Weekend wishing I was there; and finally I was preparing for a presentation I was due to give at the College of Business at Massey University. It was a holiday weekend, so much to Sonya's dismay, I wondered if I could run my own Start Weekend. The question I asked myself was "Could I launch an internet business in one weekend, in the process write all the code, learn AWS including EC2, Route53, To View More >>

FilmFellas from Steve Weiss, Zacuto USA on Vimeo. I just came across this short film by Steve Weiss, that I thought was amazing and wanted to share. Watch it now and tell me what you think. It's a discussion over dinner about the future of movie making and TV vs publishing films on the internet. I found it profound, I mean think about the contrast between the desire to have your work seen on the big screen, a goal most film makers aspire to but few reach versus the ability to publish tomorrow on the internet and be seen by millions. Oh and BTW isn't the quality of Vimeo mind blowing. To View More >>

I just came across a very cool blog post on the Neatorama website covering the history of some big tech company logos. Sounds a bit dull but it's actually really interesting and includes some very cool stories. I didn't know this, but from the post was amazed to learn thatĀ Ronald Wayne, along with Wozniak and Jobs, actually founded Apple Computer. In 1976, after only working for two weeks at Apple, Wayne relinquished his stock (10% of the company) for a one-time payment of $800 because he thought Apple was too risky! Just imagine ... today that stock would be worth billions. LOL Now I have been To View More >>