It's been a while since I shared a music video, so yesterday  spent a little time on YouTube and found: How Soon Is Now? by t.A.T.u from their album 200 km/hr In The Wrong Lane It got my attention because a couple of days ago I wrote a post "Be mischievous, Get Noticed", and you can definitely put these singers in that category. Lena & Yulya (aka Lena & Julia) are affectionately open about their relationship, which is great, but I am sure it also helps with publicity. This from their official website ...
Brazenly, after promising not to kiss on the Tonight Show, they engaged in a long, passionate wet one-- much to the alarm of anxious network censors, (and well before Britney and Madonna's little stunt, ahem). And yet, when expected to do the same on Jimmy Kimmel, they deliberately offered not so much as a sweet peck on the cheek.
LOL it's brilliant PR and great for their relationship, so it's good all around. Now I don't want to distract from their love if it's real, but I was curious as to whether it was serious or just a stunt. The amazing thing is, despite lots of images of them kissing and holding each other, it's hard to find anything confirming they actually are a couple. I didn't really look that hard, but all I could find were a few tabloid articles suggesting they were more enemies than friends. I find that hard to believe: there is a real energy and it is lovely to see. Anyway, please enjoy. This one is pretty 'tame', if you want more here is a video mix done by a fan t.A.T.u Youtube channel here
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