Fireman I was listening to a commentator today on National Radio talking about how the manufacturing sector, and especially exporters in New Zealand were in a really bad way. That doesn't apply to us, but he did help me remember three things about why I came back from Australia to help grow Queensberry. It's her 40th birthday next month, and while she has changed beyond belief these past 10 years she grows up next month.

I returned for ...


I came back to be part of some thing much bigger than myself. I have been passionate about this industry since I was a child and love photography, love weddings and love the creative people we work with. Queensberry is an aspirational brand.

The challenge

At the time I returned in 1996, New Zealand was suffering from a 'brain drain'. So many of our young people, like myself, had left or were leaving because they thought there was no real chance of great opportunity in New Zealand. They were pursuing jobs that paid by the pound (GBP), and exploring the world through their OE. Student loans meant many had no desire to come back. I wanted to come back and prove them wrong ... create a business model that was unique and then take on the world. We built intellectual property, and differentiate through design.

A spiritual connection with the land

I am often frustrated when I hear some New Zealand Maori talk about their spiritual connection with New Zealand as if it is only them that have this connection, and imply that because I am not Maori that somehow my connection is less. The truth is I pine for New Zealand when I am away, and miss it as much as I do my family if I am away for to long. We are however blessed with being so connected with the world. We try to act locally in each market but have a global focus. Travel is great, and this life allows us the benefit of both worlds.

A story told through photographs.

It is only fitting therefore that I should share a little of my beautiful country through photos. I found these on flickr. This is our land. I thank the photographers that took these images and have retained the links so if you click on any photo and go through to the photographers flickr page and find more of their story... enjoy.

New Zealand, a land of beauty, love and adventure

Dreamy by Chris Gin Tui #2 by Evan McBride Fata Morgana by josef.stuefer View from our cottage by wili_hybrid New Zealand Mountains by swisscan New Zealand-Cows by Luca Tonin New Zealand 2006/2007 by Travelling Pooh Come to Mamma - week 43 of 52 by raphie Hunua Falls by Chris Gin MANU BAY BACK LIT by social_advances Kohi Sunrise by Chris Gin All Blacks ? by scrumsrus Lone Tree 2 by Chris Gin Sunset Beach by Chris Gin Rangitoto @ Dawn by Chris Gin St Clair Poles B&W by chris17nz ALL BLACK - SILVER FERN LAUNCH_2 by Spaghetti Junction by Chris Gin The Lookout by Chris Gin Field of Gold by Chris Gin Life by Light Knight Sperm Whale, New Zealand by bevoabroad Muriwai Magic by Chris Gin Auckland dusk skyline by Carmelo Aquilina Rangitata River Rafting 53 by Charlie Brewer New Zealand Lake Reflection by swisscan Pavlova 6 by Marco Veringa Edge of the World II by Chris Gin One Tree Hill by Chris Gin Helecho gigante (Koru), Abel Tasman, Nueva Zelanda by jsmoral 2008-02-24-23-15-530 by Maori Warrior by geoftheref 09460-00108 Little Blue Penguins interact in open cave near ocean where they nest (Eudyptula minor) by WildImages Karate Style by Liam_OMalley Blue waters by Light Knight Stephen Baugh Rising of the Man, Setting of the Sun  by man's pic Dolphins chasing us by ChiefBraun New Years by Simon Lieschke

Welcome to the youngest country on earth

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