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As I sat down to write this I wondered about my title, I tossed between "Don't forget your belt" and "Drinking $200 bottles of wine". "Don't forget your belt, was a travel tip for men. If you are going to go away with your wife for the weekend, heed my advice and pack early, if not you will be like me rushing out of the house late, forgetting your belt and will spend all weekend pulling up your jeans. :) Anyway, I'm sitting here buzzing after a weekend away with Sonya where we spent two amazing days exploring a jewel in our own back yard, Waiheke Island. As many people know I am passionate about To View More >>

I received this tweet a couple of days ago in responce to a tweet I wrote about Geek Bait. I must say it made my heart race momentarilly ... Was I being a Dork, I like being a Geek but am I a Nerd? OMG Who am I? So lets start by saying I am a Geek ... no question about that, but I don't think I am a nerd. Since then it's been the topic of some office discussion ... I work in an office surrounded by software developers so there have been a few varying thoughts on the topic. Anyway, as any good Geek would do I went to Google ... Ok that's not true, I went to WolframAlpha but when their definition To View More >>

Bob Marley to me is one of the greatest singers ever ... I love the sound, I love the words ... I love the feeling. Good friends we have, good friends we've lost along the way In this great future, you can't forget your past ... So dry your tears I say No woman. No Cry! I think that says it all.... Life is a journey, enjoy it as it shows up, don't make it complicated, just know that ... "Everythings, going to be all right." To View More >>

On Wednesday night we had a fantastic night out with Johannes and Jo and a few other friends which included seeing The Eastern play at the Wonder Bar in Lyttleton, Christchurch. They were pure magic. Anyway long story short The Eastern and some of their friends from Oregan played a John Prine song called "In Spite of Ourselves". I really do love this song. It' funny, it's a great piece of music but most importantly I love the underlying message. "In-spite of ourselves, we'll end up sitting on a rainbow , against all odds honey, we're the big door prize" Isn't that so true, that the best relationships To View More >>

Earlier this week I was looking for space on my Laptop, and came across a very bloated Photobooth folder. When I reviewed the images contained I realized it's not safe to leave your laptop unattended. My daughters forever the techno geek actors left my laptop full of images and movies like these ... LOL they made me laugh out loud. Thanks Girls To View More >>