I'm an entrepreneur at heart, CEO of Queensberry
our family business.

My blog shares paths I'm exploring towards a better life and business. It covers a breadth of issues from both a human and business perspective. It includes tips, observations and strategy blended with a little self-reflection and fun.

There is a focus on business and technology (my special interest) but I'm also fascinated by relationships and our incredible human spirit. I do like to challenge people to get them thinking, and to share my experiences and thoughts as assistance, and hopefully inspiration, to others. I seek simple answers and solutions. I love people, feel life is abundant and am grateful for the blessings  I've been given.


At our family business, Queensberry, we've been making beautiful photo albums for professional photographers for over forty years. For more than half that time we've also been developing software and services to help our customers thrive in an industry in a state of constant technological change. We're based in New Zealand but have a global reach, with most of our revenue generated "overseas".

We love photography, we love beautiful things, we love technology. We're design-led, and committed to ongoing change and improvement, but we have our feet firmly grounded in the values of craftsmanship and customer service.

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