People with dirty jobs are happier

In this movie Mike Rowe from Dirty Jobs does two things, first he talks about a day he worked on a farm and amongst other things docks lambs. I saw this show and couldn't believe he did what he did. I thought it was inhumane and as it turns out initially he did too, but in an entertaining fashion he talks through his learning and explains. The second thing he does is he makes the point that in his opinion people with Dirty Jobs are happier. He puts forward a strong case that following the advice "Follow Your Passion" might be bad advice. For some it will just lead to a life of disappointment and I therefore guess unhapiness. Certainly there are lots of very happy people picking fruit, waiting tables etc so that they can collect just enough money to do what they really love such as surfing in the evening and snow boarding all winter. That's not to suggest these are "dirty jobs", just examples of jobs I no longer want to do to earn an income. They don't meet my needs but do work perfectly for many and therefore support Mikes point.

It's an interesting observation and ...

maybe it's a crazy addiction but I however am someone that has chosen to persue my dreams through work. Not just in what I do day to day, but also through what I am able to do with the reasources and network of people that result from my efforts. I care deeply about What I do, How I do it and more importantly Who I do it With. Work for me has become one of the ways I express myself, I see our company as a reflection of me. When things are going well, I find it easy to feel good about myself. When the stress kicks in for a prolonged period of time I need to remind myself that "it's just a game", yet sometimes it can get me down. I guess that's his point. If you take it personally, and if you don't keep the self judgement under control it is going to be hard to be happy. Life is always easier when we keep things simple ... when we stay present and we design our lives around what makes us smile. So why is it so easy to build up a story which starts with "I'll be happy when ..." especially when it comes to our work?

If I've learnt nothing else from the Fire Service it is this...

You only have THIS MOMENT ... Yesterday is gone, tomorrow is still a dream and sadly some people wont even have this afternoon. 'Follow Your Passion' is fantastic advice, but there are so many ways to do this, not just at work. Great family, friends, laughter, work, sports, hobbies. What ever you do life is to short not to enjoy it!
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