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One of the best interviews I've seen in a while. And I so totally agree with almost everything Robert says. To View More >>

Hi everyone, I've got busy and having so much fun living life with my direct and Queensberry family. I wish I could get back here, but right now may I just share a video that echoes my desire for us all to be grateful :-) To View More >>

Jacqui sent me a link to this movie this morning. It's a very cool recording created by Mark Johnson founder of Playing for Change I love how in this next movie a man describes his music in such a spiritual way, he says ... "According to our philosophy music has been a great power. Power to bring peace and to get enlightenment. Because it is a sort of meditation... Because you need a lot of dedication in order to bring the music a great art... When there is a great art, there is always heaven. That is why we believe through music, if you practice a lot, you meditate on it, you feel nothing To View More >>

The eternal question of life for many people is "how do I find the energy for that"? Here I share my thoughts and what we can learn from children. One of the most common things I hear parents say of their children, as the little ones rush past, is : "OMG the energy ... If only we could bottle it" I wonder what it is that causes us to have unlimited energy as children, but as we get older our energy wanes ... or at least, should I say, that's what happens to some of us. If you look carefully you'll notice some really big differences between how children spend their time and how most adults do. To View More >>