Photographers, and my other blogger friends, I have decided to take the "31 Days to a Better Blog challenge" by Pro Blogger. I downloaded the book last week and, having read it, decided it it has a lot to offer, especially at a time I'm considering how to bring more focus and value to my blog.

Please Join Me

31 Days to a Better Blog

I'd love to find photographers, and any other bloggers, that would like to undertake the challenge with me. If you would like to join me on this exciting and rewarding adventure, you will need to buy the book here, and if you constructively, and honestly, give feedback on my progress I will do the same for you. The cool thing about this program is there is at most two pages of reading a day, and one hands-on task per day, which is awesome without being overwhelming. Over the 31 days we will together try various blogging techniques, review the positioning and target audience of our blogs, learn how to promote and measure their success, and most importantly, get heavily engaged with our blogs for 31 days. If you're interested let me know below or contact me on twitter. Let's have some fun.

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