I've been so excited by this story since yesterday I just had to share. Yesterday Danny told me that one of our developers, Simon, had launched a game on the iTunes app store. I was interested but to be honest, at least initially, more polite than excited. That was until Simon introduced me to "Nutty Bugs", and then I was blown away. I am not easily impressed, but it's not an overstatement to say that I was stunned. Stunned, not just because I had no idea about the project, but because what they have created is so complete and professional. In six months they have not only developed a game, they've started a company, they've integrated it into Facebook, in fact they even needed to learn how to program the damn iPhone. Seriously, I can't see any difference between this game and those launched by much bigger organisations. It's impressive, the game play is great, it's good fun, maybe even a little addictive.

That isn't however the part that excites me

What excites me is the entrepreneurial spirit these guys have. I loved getting this skype message from Simon as orders rolled in a little faster after I tweeted "my heart is pounding with excitment!! thank you!!" In Gary Veynerchuks book Crush It, he talks passionately about the fact that if you want something bad enough you have to Crush It!. You have to throw yourself at something, you have to work through the night while your friends sleep. You have to commit your personal time to your passion constantly. Then you have to get up and go to work so you can pay the bills until your successful. In my opinion, not many people have the heart and stamina to do that but ... Simon and his partner have done exactly that. Launching however is just past the starting line, getting noticed will be as hard. When they get there, their success will be completely deserved. I'm of mixed emotions, I know that if this takes off a great developer will probably leave us, but I would never want to deny someone the excitement of chasing their passion. Well done guys, you have my every support, and I trust success will be with you soon.
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